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Set the mood on your patio

If you're looking for a way to turn your deck into a comfortable relaxation space for you and your family, adding an outdoor TV will be perfect for creating a friendly and relaxed environment. An outdoor TV is designed to withstand the elements such as rain, snow and extreme heat, making it ideal for use on your deck.

For several years, Samsung has been promoting The Terrace, an outdoor TV, in two different series. The first, the LST7TAFXZA series, is designed to withstand weather and moisture. The second, the LST9TAFXZC series, not only has the same features but also offers protection from direct sunlight.

The benefits of an outdoor TV that will transform your viewing experience

One of the main benefits of an outdoor TV is that it allows you to enjoy your favorite shows while taking in the fresh air and beauty of nature. It's also ideal for evenings out with family and friends, barbecues, parties and sporting events.

Samsung The Terrace TV | Sonxplus Rockland

Features to consider when choosing an outdoor TV - The Samsung Terrace

When choosing an outdoor television, it is important to consider several features including resolution, brightness, screen size and durability.

The Samsung The Terrace is a great option. It features a high-quality 4K QLED display that delivers a stunning display rich in color, brightness and contrast. The TV also features HDR10+ technology to enhance the viewing experience. Its screen size can range from 55 to 75 inches and is designed to withstand any weather. In fact, it is IP55 rated meaning it can withstand water jets from all directions without any damage! Ideal when you have children playing with water in the summer! In addition, its anti-reflection technology ensures that the TV screen remains visible even in direct sunlight.

Brightness TV The Terrace Samsung | Sonxplus Rockland

Preparation and assembly of the terrace for the installation of an outdoor television to transform your garden into a "private cinema".

Before you install your outdoor TV, you need to prepare your deck. First, you need to make sure that the deck surface is flat and stable. You can also add flooring for added comfort. Next, you need to install an outdoor electrical outlet to power the outdoor TV. Finally, you need to provide enough space for the TV and all related equipment.

The installation of the outdoor TV must be done carefully to ensure its safety and stability.

First, you need to choose an appropriate mounting bracket based on the size and weight of your television. 

Outside TV Samsung | Sonxplus Rockland

The Terrace Samsung is not only durable and high quality, but it is also easy to set up and use. It comes with a wall mount and a user-friendly app that allows you to control the TV from your cell phone or tablet. In addition, it has built-in Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect to the internet and stream content wirelessly from your phone or laptop.

Option available to make it even more exceptional

Sound is an important part of your outdoor TV viewing experience. One of the best features of the Samsung Terrace is its sound quality. It features a built-in 20W speaker system that delivers crystal clear sound, making your outdoor movie nights, sports games or music concerts an unforgettable experience.

You can also opt for an external sound bar, such as the Samsung HW-LST70T, which allows you to take your entertainment to the next level. It has a built-in subwoofer and a center speaker, and is capable of delivering a powerful 210 watts of sound. Its IP55 waterproof rating is the same as the TV. Sound quality is enhanced by a harmonic distortion analysis circuit that continuously monitors speaker performance and adjusts the sound accordingly.

In addition, the soundbar doubles as an outdoor speaker when not in use to set the mood for your parties! The device also features Alexa and Google Assistant services, making it easy to access music via voice command.

Soundbar HW-LST70T Samsung | Sonxplus Rockland

Protecting your outdoor TV from the elements

To protect your outdoor TV from the elements, you can also install a protective cover for the TV when not in use.

To extend the life of your outdoor TV, you can clean the screen with a soft cloth and warm water. 

The final word

In summary, after reading this article, you know all about outdoor TV and how to turn your deck into a relaxing space for everyone. 

The Samsung Terrace is a perfect solution for those who love to enjoy the outdoors while staying tuned to their favorite entertainment. Its rugged design, water and dust resistant features, high quality screen and smart capabilities make it a must-have for anyone who loves outdoor entertainment. And with its voice assistant compatibility and weatherproof sound bar, it's a great investment for those looking to take their entertainment to the next level.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our teams in store or by chat.

The Terrace Samsung | Sonxplus Rockland
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