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Samsung 8K : la plus récente technologie-SONXPLUS Rockland

Samsung 8K: the latest technology

Whenever a new technology appears, there is usually resistance among the population, and this is particularly true for TV sets.

Your SONXPLUS expert will attempt to demystify the 8K television set, which is now in its third year of being marketed by Samsung: the world leader for the past 10 years. Customers who have already purchased one have no regrets, because they consider, with good reason, that the cost was worth it...

Let's remember...

The first television set to be marketed was in 1934 by the German firm Telefunken, to enable the broadcasting of Hitler's Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. However, it was not until the 1950s that television was adopted in large numbers here in America.

Telefunken 1934

The first generations of television sets produced black and white images. Then, in the 1960s, came the first colour viewers. Then nothing!

For almost 50 years, the television set has been developed from an aesthetic point of view, while technologically speaking, manufacturers have been offering déjà vu...

After 50 years of televisions without much innovation, we have moved into an era of product development, year after year. So accustomed to the doldrums, consumers wondered what the point was of the new '1080P High Definition', the '4K' and now it is the turn of the '8K' to face consumer doubts and objections...

Objection no. 1: lack of relevant content

Yes, content for new technology has always lagged behind the launch of the new technology, and it looks like it will be the same for 8K. However, the fact is that people who have adopted the latest generation of products will tell you that they do not regret their choice and that they appreciate the added value of a state-of-the-art product... 

In short, whenever a more powerful product becomes available, its overcapacity has always allowed users to get better results from existing lower quality visual content. With the increased capacity of the latest television set, every pixel of information is reproduced more accurately.

Just look at a 1080P high definition (Full HD) TV in the shop next to a 4K TV of the same size, with the same pictures, and the difference is effortlessly noticeable. The 4K TV has more vibrant colours and much more nuanced contrast. You simply see more realistic detail with 4K... And you see the same kind of gain between a 4K screen versus the 8K screen. Clearer, sharper and more colour accurate images!

No one can object: the progress of an 8K TV TV brings immediate results!

1. The advantages of 8K

Before we get into the technological details of these types of TVs, let's be aware that using more dots or pixels to compose an image allows the image to be more nuanced by using each dot with more gradation. In addition, fast motion has more areas to use, resulting in fewer blurred images in a high velocity frame. (Particularly useful for sports viewing and video gaming) 

Gaming on 85-inch 8K

2. Samsung artificial intelligence

The company offers an 8K panel that has 33 million dots (or pixels), which is four times more than 4K. While impressive, the capacity of this panel would be useless without computerised content enhancement, where the number of deficient pixels does not fill all the points of the 8K matrix. In other words, real 8K is generated with 4K, or even old standard content as found on old DVDs. This is where the neo Quantum AI neuralcircuitry of 3e generation neo Quantum AI circuitry that analyses the image according to a pre-programming that adapts to the usage. In fact, the brain of the TV set contains millions of possibilities of 8K images which, as soon as you use the TV, start to adapt to your personal viewing. The result is a chart with billions of possible nuances. Think of what a Tesla car does versus others, and that's an analogy for the increased possibilities of 8K with the Quantum Matrix processor.

AI Upscaling to 8K analyses each scene in your content for its colour and texture data, right down to lighting and contrast details.
When the source quality of your content is not 8K, AI Upscaling optimises the image quality, bringing it up to near 8K levels. Now you can view today's content with tomorrow's resolution quality. The initial objection is solved!

3. The higher contrast ratio

The ability of the HDR10+ (High Dynamic Range) circuitry at level 64 or 48 offers more precise shading on the lighting side than a TV that only has HDR10+. Fine shapes are more noticeable in both dark and light areas. Imagine sunglasses that reduce glare so you can see detail better and ski goggles that allow you to see better when everything looks even and featureless; that's kind of what you get. There's more detail with HDR at 64 X output.

4. The advantages of the 8K panel

The leading products always have the most advanced technology. The following benefits are achieved:

  • Anti-glare ultra-black screen: richer colours without external reflections.
  • Increased viewing angle: allows you to look at all sides of the screen without variation in brightness and hues.
  • Twice the brightness: allows for vivid images on a dark background. 4000 nits versus 2000 as on the best 4K.
  • One Connect box: allows you to remotely connect your cable set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and more. And because the connections are not on the main unit, your TV will be half the size of a similar unit.

One Connect, you don't connect anything to the TV!

  • Ecologicalremote control with solar recharge, no more disposable batteries!

5. The technical advantages of 8K TVs

  • The 64X matrix is turned on and off repeatedly depending on the amount of dark and light areas in a given region of the image. This has the effect of providing deeper blacks and more visible shadows.
  • For the video game enthusiast, the FreeSync (FVR) circuitry reduces input lag providing real-time performance. Without lag, the player has an advantage over his competitors, as he observes all the action generated without delay. Reacting faster provides more points and helps to win the game! Enjoy the game without jerky graphics or sudden movements.
  • A built-in brightness sensor detects levels near the screen and automatically adjusts the TV settings to maintain optimum brightness and contrast. No fatigue or glare!

6. The Infinity screen

Samsung first used the term 'infinity' in their superlative mobile device ranges to describe a screen with no visible edges. The new 8K displays follow this philosophy by offering a TV that, when viewed, shows nothing more than the picture!

Samsung Infinity Display

Added to this are the features common to Samsung's QLED TVs, such as ambient mode, which allows you to choose a still picture when the TV is not in use and you are in the room. It's very decorative and uses almost no power!

You can also camouflage the device by taking a picture of the rear environment of the TV. Samsung's futuristic software will send the image for analysis to Samsung's servers and return an image that "matches" your wall!

Weather and personal slideshow are also offered.

7. The Multi View

Watch what's happening on TV and on your smartphone, from the same screen and at the same time. Just connect your mobile phone and customize the video size and audio settings to your liking. Want to watch an 8K video you shot? A YouTube video found by searching via your smartphone? No problem, the image will be as clear on the screen as if you were tuning in to a traditional TV!

8. Intelligent connected functions

All of this year's NEO QLED 8K devices incorporate the latest in connectivity.

  • Bixby: Samsung's intelligent control platform, it links to all your Samsung products.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant: no matter which platform you use at home, integration will be a breeze.
  • Office 365: Your TV will be transformed into a computer screen allowing you to use the Office infonuagic function to work quietly at home on your work files!

  • SmartThings: receive notifications, monitor and control other smart devices in your home.

None of this would be possible without the power of the quad-core Tizen operating platform, which allows for instant response and web browsing similar to what you get on a personal computer. Yes, you can do a Google search or subscribe to Media Weather, Facebook, you name it!

9. The sound 

8K televisions incorporate the full range of audio systems to enhance your viewing experience:

  • Active Voice Amplifier(AVA) which identifies, in real time, potentially distracting noises around you and automatically increases the volume, adding clarity to voices or dialogue from the TV.
    • Object Detection with Sound Waves+(OTS+) in conjunction with DOOS+ causes the sound to move dynamically as an object moves around the screen. Once again, artificial intelligence is at work and the sound seems to go around you.
    • The 80 watt 6.2.2 configuration provides ambient sound with deep bass. What is surprising about this configuration is the positioning of the speakers behind the screen for 3D surround sound...

    • SpaceFit: SpaceFit sound technology analyses the room environment and then automatically adjusts the TV sound to its optimum settings. 

In short, what you need to understand is that the voice will always remain clearly audible and the sound will follow the objects on the screen thanks to the numerous speakers located behind the screen in strategic places.

The television world is catching up with too many years of undeveloped television. A New World of home entertainment has emerged in the last 30 years and the television set has followed in the footsteps of the home theatre systems that first appeared in the 1990s. With these new 8K screens equipped to perform, we will now be able to reproduce the cinema experience at home, both in picture and sound quality. On the economic side, it's important to remember that a TV is a durable good, which means it will outlast future technology development cycles. If you want to have the latest capabilities on the market, an 8K TV could save you the expense of buying another set in a few years' time to upgrade. And while we wait for 8K to be broadcast, AI will give you a run for your money... 

Samsung 8K 2021 85 inch Neo QLED

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