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A 130-inch image thanks to laser technology! With THE PREMIERE everything is possible!-SONXPLUS Rockland

A 130-inch image thanks to laser technology! With THE PREMIERE everything is possible!

The first projector I ever saw was a behemoth!

The first projectors to hit the market had to deal with myriad constraints and were too expensive for most people. As if that wasn’t enough, these first projectors also needed to be installed in a room that could become completely dark. They measured about a square foot (36 inches by 36 inches) and required fine tuning to make sure they projected a balanced, sharp imaged. The three light bulbs that lit up the 3 lenses, each in a primary colour (red, blue, green) had a lifespan of only a few hundred hours. Obviously, using these projectors to watch TV every day was out of the question…

The projector improved over the years but was always designed to only be used occasionally. The three light bulbs were replaced by one single bulb with an increased lifespan of thousands of hours. This was much better but still meant the light and lenses needed to be replaced every year or two, making it a costly device.

Personally, I hated these projectors. Even though the image was pretty big, it was dark and lifeless. The projector also needed to be installed on the ceiling with its cables going through the walls. The lens also had to be readjusted after every slight tremor and worst of all, dust accumulated on the internal lens.

But now thanks to Samsung’s laser technology, this is all history. No longer do we have to deal with all the above-mentioned flaws. Technology has come a long way, and that’s a glorious thing.


An awful 1980s projector…

Enjoy a high-tech projector that’s more versatile than a conventional TV

With its The Premiere range, Samsung has designed ultra short throw laser projectors that you can place close to a wall for an easy set up. And that’s just for starters. It’s so compact and light, that it’s a breeze to put away when not in use. No more ceiling-mounted atrocities.

These days, projectors even come equipped with a good sound system. And with 20,000 hours of brilliant luminescence, you can watch your shows as if you were watching a big-screen TV!

Furthermore, to keep up with modern times, every app available on smart TVs are included, such as online search tools, YouTube, and yes, Netflix. You can’t get more “home theatre” than that. Simply pick a movie, get comfortable on your couch, and watch the action take place on a 130-inch screen in your home!

Even though it is preferable to have a screen, the luminosity is so brilliant that you don’t need to be in a completely dark room to get the most out of your projector. You just need some thick curtains and you’re good to go.

The LSP9T model is portable and compact

Laser technology is the key!

With a laser light source, and even a three-laser light source on the high-end Samsung Premiere 9, you’ll see every image in a 4K ultra-HD resolution. Every pixel is reproduced on your screen with surgical precision. The motions are seamless because the laser depicts the action at high speed!

From a technology standpoint, the DCI-P3 color gamut standard is 83% accurate with the LSP7T laser and 106% for the LSP9T with triple lasers, which reproduces an extremely accurate image. In terms of luminosity, The Premiere projectors have a 2,200 and 2,800 lumens brightness. This is equal to an average-sized non QLED conventional TV.


Laser precision

Circuits and features that can be found on the best TVs

Samsung’s The Premiere projectors use HDR10+ standard which allows the same dynamic ratio as brand-name TVs but on a projector. HDR means High Dynamic Range. This is the standard that means the projector delivers a much more focused and intense image, including for video games.

Thanks to the classic Samsung TV remote, you’ll have access to all the Smart functions and apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime TV, Samsung TV Plus, and the list goes on and on! You can even search on Google or work on your files with Office 365 cloud. There’s almost nothing a projector can’t do that a smart TV can. And the lifespan is similar!

Voice-controlled projector

Just another way these new-generation projectors have nearly nothing to do with those of the past: The Premiere features the Alexa assistant with a French Quebec voice option as well as Bixby. You can configure your settings vocally, activate other connected devices in your home, and search for streaming content. And of course, they’ll respond to you because these projectors have speakers !

Multiple apps and voice command 

AirPlay 2

You no longer need an “Apple TV”. With integrated AirPlay 2, you can easily watch movies, shows, listen to music, and look at photos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly on The Premiere.

  • AirPlay 2 is available on every Samsung 2020 and newer smart services.
  • AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or a more recent version or Mac iOS 10.14.5 or a more recent version.

Tap View

Owners of non-Apple connected devices, such as Android, can also display their content

Displaying your smartphone content only takes a moment. Tap on The Premiere on your phone and it will automatically mirror what you are watching or listening to.

Game mode

It’s a bit odd for me to be speaking about game mode, but here we are!

Once you turn on your console, the screen automatically optimizes its display for a smooth, bright image just like you’d get on a 55-inch TV but on a 130-inch image!

And because the projector has its own speakers, you’re all set to go once you turn it on!

In addition to its myriad technologies that elevate The Premiere’s performance, Filmmaker mode is similar to THX mode, which was created by George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm. Mr. Lucas implemented a color gamut standard for his Star Wars films. This standard would become the benchmark of modern cinematography. Today, modern smart technologies have no problem complying with these standards.

Because The Premiere includes Filmmaker Mode, viewers can enjoy an authentic cinematographic experience, in ideal conditions, that is true to the director’s vision. The image reproduced is just the way the cinematographer and their team intended it to be. Filmmaker Mode is actually the fruit of a partnership between Samsung, UHD Alliance, and Hollywood studios, supported by renowned directors such as Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ang Lee, Ava DuVernay, JJ Abrams, M. Night Shyamalan, and Ryan Coogler. Unlike THX, Filmmaker Mode is unanimously supported.

Because it can seem like a complex process, most people don’t want to mess with their TV’s settings, which are never approved by everyone in the household anyway, so it’s simply easier to leave the TV alone!

Calibrating a TV or projector to obtain a “cinema” image is not always easy and requires a bit of technical know-how.

But with Filmmaker Mode, you don’t need to do anything. Simply watch a film with the encoded data and The Premiere projector takes care of the calibrations required for each scene (dark, quick, high contrast, etc.).

Filmmaker Mode: main features

Filmmaker Mode automatically takes care of the following:

  1. Sets the white point at D65 for SDR and HDR content (6500 °K). (Makes sure the colours are accurate).
  2. Maintains the source frame rate (24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 images per second). (Ensures the fluidity of the motion just like at the movies).
  3. Maintains the source aspect ratio (height/width) CinemaScope (2.39:1), Panavision (2.35:1), American Standard 35 mm (1.85:1)…
  4. Turns off Samsung’s Motion Plus smoothing effect. (The TV will not decide or interpret quick motions).
  5. Turns off overscan, unless required by the content. (Does not recreate an “improved” artificial image by keeping the image authentic).
  6. Turns off sharpening.
  7. Turns off noise reduction.
  8. Turns off any other image enhancement options.

For more information, a qualified advisor can help.

A modern, sleek design

I love that this product is nice and discreet. Its rounded edges and white colour don’t clash with my décor. And it features its own sound system that is on par with high-end soundbars thanks to an acoustic beam that uses 22 holes to distribute a deep, rich audio for an immersive experience.

Projected sound audio system

The Premiere has 40W of 4.2.2ch audio and a built-in subwoofer as well as a Dolby Digital Plus processor. All meaning that the sound is adaptive and adjusted for clear dialogues.

It also turns on instantaneously which is in contrast to older models which took a minute or two to get going…

Just like other Samsung remotes, the projector’s remote enables you to control all your peripherals.

Finally, Bluetooth mode will allow you to watch movies through your headphones.

In brief

As always, my goal is not to push one technology over another, but simply to help people learn about new trends in the industry. For the past decade, the world of electronics has been evolving at a furious pace. The results have been simply outstanding. Devices such as these shouldn’t be considered improvements. They are now touchstones of an entire class of products.

As for the price, keep in mind that an 85-inch TV can cost more than $5,000, even up to $8,000 for an 8K. The Premiere starts at $4,999 which isn’t too bad.

This is the final article on Samsung’s specialty TV products.

Stay tuned! 





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