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The different types of headphones: choosing according to your needs in 2022

The world of electronics is well aware of everyone's needs. Just as there are a multitude of speaker formats to suit all types of use, there is also a headset to suit your needs.

Headphones come in many shapes, sizes, types and degrees of sophistication. In order to make the most informed buying decision, you need to know the different types of headphones and what each one entails.

My aim here will be to list and explain the different types of headphones that exist on the market and I will explain each one below.

Types of headphones :

There are three sizes of headphones and two principles of operation.

On-ear headphones

On-ear headphones | Sonxplus

The on-ear is a headset with a shell that completely covers the ear to provide perfect isolation from the outside world. They are light for their size and offer a balanced sound. The driver is a medium size and offers an excellent compromise over the entire audible range. It is usually between 30 and 40 millimetres in diameter.

Circum-aural headphones

Circum-aural headphones | Sonxplus

For use in very noisy environments or to get more bass sound, the circumaural has a membrane of 50 millimetres or more and offers a richer sound than the over-ears. However, they are heavier and tend to warm up the ears during use. It is definitely the best in performance, but also the least comfortable...

Closed or open headphones   

Sennheiser HD 800 S | Sonxplus

The full-face headphones listed above are available in two versions. In the first instance, the headphone structure is completely closed, which completely isolates it from external noise. A second construction principle involves an open shell, which allows free movement of the speaker diaphragm. Open headphones are intended for the music-loving amateur-audiophile for the accuracy of the sounds they provide. This activity involves active listening in a quiet place where ambient noise is controlled.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones | Sonxplus

The in-ear monitoris very popular these days due to the high portability it provides.

Where once they offered poor quality with poor bass, they now compete with the big boys. As they are worn in the ear, depending on how you use them, it is worth checking whether they are designed to be worn outdoors and whether they are resistant to humidity and sweat.

Type of use and technology :

Bluetooth headset

The headset with Bluetooth transmission is the most sought-after headset for everyday use. It offers good sound quality and good battery life.

Bluetooth headset | Sonxplus

They are available in the three format versions listed above. Currently, the "True Wireless" version is the most popular, as it offers in-ear monitors with no wires that are inserted into the ear. In addition, True Wireless are usually sold with a convenient stand-alone charging case with built-in battery backup.

Although they cannot be considered as audiophile headphones, new transmission standards are now available to increase fidelity.

apt-X: This codec offers a quality relatively close to CD-Audio. The dynamic range is 92 dB, the resolution is 16 bits and the frequency response is between 20 Hz and 22 kHz (like CD-Audio).

Apt X HD: optimised for the transmission of HD audio files up to 24 bit/48 kHz. This codec is backwards compatible with previous aptX codecs.

LDAC: Developed by Sony to stream 24-bit/96kHz HD audio files via a Bluetooth wireless link (990 kb/s data rate, three times higher than a conventional 328 kb/s Bluetooth link). Both the source and the player must be LDAC compatible.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Earmuffs | Sonxplus

This feature is in addition to Bluetooth headphones and incorporates an intelligent circuit that listens via built-in microphones to outside sounds and, after analysis, generates a negative sound wave corresponding to the unwanted sounds around you, reducing their presence to almost zero. Some models allow you to use the built-in microphones to talk to someone without having to remove your headset.

Gaming headsets and teleworking

Gaming headset | Sonxplus

These headphones have in common the presence of a built-in boom microphone that allows communication with others.

The telecommuting headset delivers the sound as is, while the gaming headset offers a host of features to enhance the online gaming experience. These headphones will incorporate surround effects, wired and wireless connectivity via USB and 2.4GHz broadcast. Active circuitry on some models will balance the sound level of gaming and "real-time" conversations so that you can hear each other without detracting from the experience. 

Headphones for audiophiles

Sony MDR-ZIR Headphones | Sonxplus

This type of headphone, always wired, proposes the use of noble materials in order to obtain the same performance as found in an excellent pair of home speakers. The best will go so far as to incorporate beryllium membranes! It will not be uncommon to see genuine leather earpieces and beautiful wooden shells.

The final word

Being at peace often means being in your own bubble, and headphones are a sure-fire way to achieve this. To make the experience successful, however, you'll need to pay attention to our selection so as not to be disappointed. I hope you find this little guide useful, have a great summer and...

... Stay tuned!

Sony MDR-ZX770BN Headphones | Sonxplus


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